what I am up to…

other than living life that is.


Matthew has started the new beacon in ecommerce, illtakethebest.com!

Computer Design/Building

Matthew likes to design and build computers for himself and others. I can build you one, but I warn you: It will be fast!

Thermal Engineering

Matthew has a background performing Thermal/Fluid Analysis and Medical Device Manufacturing.


Matthew likes to unwind with turn-based strategy and FPS games on his PC and Xbox.


a little more about Matthew

Entrepreneur,  Engineer, Computer Enthusiast, Webmaster, and PC/Xbox Gamer

Presently, Matthew is busy with illtakethebest.com, his new eCommerce site featuring quality items at great prices.

Matthew graduated from Santa Clara University in 2006 with a BS in Mechanical Engineering and has worked at BAE Systems and Boston Scientific.  He is currently open to employment.

Matthew has had a passion for computers for since he was a kid.  Wanting the best computer at the lowest price, Matthew started building his own all the way back in high school.  He has built up a few computers over the years, for himself  the latest is featured on this site!

A longtime gamer, Matthew is on Steam, Battle.net, Origin, and Xbox Live.

Matthew takes care of a few websites, including this one.  He can’t believe how web design has changed since 1995!


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Third Title

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